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Dental Implants

What are dental implants?


Dental implants are metal posts that are surgically placed into the bone under your gums.During

the healing period, the bone

integrates around the implant. Then a replacement tooth,or crown ,is attached to the metal post,

giving you a restoration that

looks like your natural tooth. Implants can also help in installing bridges and dentures, when there

are more than one tooth missing.

Which dental specialist conducts implants?


Implant placement is not a dental specialty. Often, a team of dental specialists will work together to provide different. Parts of the treatment. The periodontist may perform the surgery to place the implant into the bone and periodontist may place the crown on of top the implant to complete the restoration.


What else should I know?


Talk to your dentist about whether you are a suitable candidate for dental implants and learn more about the procedure specific to your case.


You may also want to talk to your dentist about the length of time the procedure requires.

In many instance, implant placement involves more than one surgery, and the healing period for each surgery may be several weeks (your dentist can usually provide you with a denture or temporary bridge

during this period) In some complicated cases, the entire process can take more than a year, so you need to be good oral health.


What are the advantages of dental implants?


Patient find this a comfortable option for restoring their smile. The implants fuse to the jawbone

and offer a secure base for the replacement teeth. In many cases look and feel more like natural teeth.


Can anyone have implants?


A healthy jawbone and gums are necessary to support dental implants. Patients who want to have

implants must commit to a meticulous oral hygiene routine, including flossing,

brushing and regular dental visit to help protect the supporting tissues from any disease. Successful fusion

of the bone to the implant requires good periodontal health,therefore,patient having gum diseases,

uncontrolled diabetes, and smokers,may experience a lower success rate to 80%.